$15,000 Innovation Grants to Drive NACCAP Member Recruitment Success

The SearchRight™ program from NACCAP and C. Grant & Company brings Inbound Marketing methodology and technology to member schools to advance their recruitment success. Our platform is used by enrollment management professionals at more than 400 schools including leaders like Harvard, Yale, and Notre Dame. Inbound Marketing combines web search, digital content, social media, and database technology to open new ways to reach Christian students and parents as well as graduate and online students. Participating schools report:

  • New leads from outside school or rented lists
  • Increased web visits
  • Improved landing page conversions 
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Automated contact workflows
  • Increased conversions from current lists 

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Inbound marketing is one of the most significant advancements in student recruitment marketing I’ve seen since schools put up their first websites

Chant Thompson Executive Director, NACCAP

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